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Procedure for Transporting Biohazardous Wastes

Whenever possible, biohazardous wastes should be treated and disposed of on-site.  However, generation of biohazardous wastes in the field is often unavoidable and handling and transport will be necessary.  Please follow the steps below in order to manage and dispose of these materials safely.

  1.  Wastes that are generated in the field must be segregated and collected using the same principles as outlined for the lab environment.
  2. Bags of waste and sharps containers should be closed before removal from the site.  (Bulk quantities of liquid waste should not be transported if at all possible.  Contact the UTIA/UTK Biosafety Officer for assistance if the need arises to transport such material.)
  3. Bags of waste and sharps containers must be placed in a leak-proof secondary container with a secure lid (i.e., latchable, secured with tape, etc.) for transport to treatment facilities.  The secondary container must be labeled with a biohazard symbol and an emergency contact name and phone number.
  4. Use a University-owned vehicle whenever possible for transport.  Store and secure the transport container in a location in the vehicle whereby if an accident were to occur, the container or its contents will not be an exposure risk to the driver or the environment.  For example, if transporting materials by car or van, store the container in the back seat or cargo bay.  Secure the container with bungee cords or belts to keep the container upright and stable.
  5. When you arrive at your destination, transport the waste into the facility using the shortest available route, and move the materials with the aid of a cart.  Do not use public elevators if at all possible and avoid traveling with the waste through common public areas.  Do not touch door handles, elevator buttons or other common contact surfaces with gloved hands.  (Use the one-gloved hand technique, or get assistance from other staff for opening doors, etc.)