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Membership & Contact Information

Name NIH-Defined Committee Roles Title Department Telephone E-Mail
Elizabeth Fozo Chair Associate Professor Microbiology 974-4058
Stephen Kania Vice Chair Professor & Assistant Dean for Research Biomedical & Diagnostic Services 974-5727 
Marc Caldwell Affiliated Member Associate Professor Large Animal Clinical Sciences 974-5703
Lori Cole Animal Containment Expert Director & Attending Veterinarian Office of Lab Animal Care 974-5717
Feng Chen Affiliated Member Professor Plant Sciences 974-7324
Paul Dalhaimer Affiliated Member Associate Professor Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 974-2421
Lezlee Dice Affiliated Member Research Associate Food Science & Technology 974-7359
George Dizikes Non-Affiliated Member Public Health Laboratory Director Tennessee Department of Health 549-5201
Doris D’Souza Affiliated Member Professor Food Science & Technology 974-2753
Reza Hajimorad Plant Containment Expert Associate Professor Entomology & Plant Pathology 974-7135
Brittany Isabell Non-Affiliated Member Regional Epidemiologist Tennessee Department of Health 549-5351
Melissa Kennedy Affiliated Member Associate Professor Biomedical & Diagnostic Sciences 974-5827
Jun Lin Affiliated Member Professor Animal Science 974-5598
Deidra Mountain Affiliated Member Associate Professor Graduate School of Medicine 305-9774
Jae Park Affiliated Member Professor Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology 974-3035
Ling Zhao Affiliated Member Associate Professor Nutrition 974-5445

Name Title Department Telephone E-Mail
Linda Hamilton Supervisor & Assistant Biosafety Officer Environmental, Health & Safety 974-9836
Sandra Prior Director Environmental, Health & Safety 974-5084
Sarah Pruett Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Research Integrity Officer Office of Research & Engagement 974-3053
Brian Ranger Program Leader & Biosafety Officer Environmental, Health & Safety 974-1938
Jessica Woofter Data Specialist Environmental, Health & Safety 974-5547